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Elevating diverse leaders in technology by recognizing their outstanding and innovative contributions to the industry.

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Women Who Code’s mission is to empower diverse women to excel in technology careers. Women Who Code’s 100 Technologists to Watch honors this by recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of technologists from a range of backgrounds who have achieved excellence, innovated the industry, and shown leadership.  

Highlighting diverse technology leaders can elevate them to the status of role models and mentors in the industry. They can support this and the next generation, while using their leadership to make policies and decisions that will make technology more inclusive for everyone.

Join us in our mission. Nominate an amazing technologist, even yourself! Celebrate the diversity that truly fuels technology.




How It Works

Women Who Code’s 100 Technologists to Watch and related awards nominees are determined by submissions from members and the community at large and are reviewed by a selection committee appointed by Women Who Code.

100 technologists will be selected and recognized for their commitment to change and innovation in their respective fields.  Twelve technologists from this list will be honored in one of twelve standout categories.

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Nominee Guidelines:

Exemplifies the values of WWCode

Has had an impact in the tech industry

Has supported diverse communities

Has demonstrated exceptional leadership and/or have been an effective role model within the tech industry

Has a record of accomplishments in their area of expertise

Can be of any nationality and does not have to speak english

Nominations must conform to WWCode TOS

Nominees must abide by WWCode’s Code of Conduct

Nomination deadline extended to Monday, March 6, 2023.

WWCode mission and values

The Categories


Empowering Tech for Social Good

A technologist dedicated to social, global, and environmental advocacy and elevating pathways in tech to amplify social good initiatives.


Outstanding Executive in Tech Award

A senior-level technologist who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and influence within their organization and community inspiring others in their personal and professional mission.


Emerging Technologist Award

A technologist who has recently started their career or transitioned to the tech industry and has made significant contributions to forward tech innovation in their field and/or community.


WWCode Mentorship Award

A technologist who has excelled at advocating for and preparing diverse women to excel in technology careers by dedicating time, resources and social and intellectual support.


Global Impact Award

A technologist who has made significant and sustainable contributions in tech specifically impacting vulnerable and marginalized communities to support social and economic equity.


Leading Change Award (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Tech)

A technologist working to create a more inclusive tech industry supporting the development of employment pathways for diverse women including equity in access to education and resources.


Excellence in Engineering Award

A technologist who has demonstrated above and beyond excellence in their overall contribution to the tech industry.


WWCode Founders Award

A technologist who has excelled in their entrepreneurial journey and who has played a critical role in developing one or more organizations within the tech industry.


Inspiring Innovation Award

A technologist who has met and embraced an expanding tech industry by redefining or shifting their work or work environment by using technology in a new way and empowering others to adopt their approach to make a difference.


ApplaudHer Award

Exceptional technologists that have been identified as having achieved remarkable career success, made noteworthy innovations in the tech industry, or who have been able to dramatically accelerate in their careers. One technologist will be awarded in each of the Women Who Code Technical Track topic areas (Front End, Mobile, Python, Blockchain, Cloud, Data Science).


WWCode Mission Award (Partners/Organizations)

A standout corporate organization supporting diverse women in technology.


WWCode Mission Award (Board/Advisors)

A standout board member/advisor supporting diverse women in technology.

Award Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors to support our 2023 awards. When you become a sponsor of a Women Who Code 100 Technologist to Watch Award you contribute to the furthering of our mission to empower diverse women to excel in technology careers by recognizing outstanding and innovative contributions to the tech industry. You also position your organization in front of one of the largest, global tech communities.

It’s only through the support of our partners that Women Who Code is able to highlight the achievements of our community of technologists. Contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I nominate more than one individual? 

Yes, you are allowed to nominate as many people as you like. Please ensure that anyone you nominate meets our guidelines and that your submission follows our TOS.

Does it cost to nominate? Or is there a charge to nominate anyone? 

Our awards are free to enter. Those selected for the top 100 list will receive a free ticket to attend the WWCode CONNECT Conference, where they will be recognized. 

What if I am nominated multiple times?

No preference is given to those nominated multiple times over those with a single nomination. Judgment will be made based on the single most comprehensive application received for a nominee. 

I have been nominated and want to nominate someone else?

We highly encourage nominees to nominate others.

Can I nominate myself?

We encourage self-nominations.

Can I nominate a man for the awards?

We will not discriminate in our considerations regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, socioeconomic status, caste, or creed of the nominee.

Can men nominate?

We very much encourage men to nominate women colleagues and peers.

Can I nominate those who live or work abroad?

Our nominations are worldwide and open to people living anywhere. 

Does my nomination have to come from my employer?

No, nominations can come from anyone. We do suggest that those nominating have enough knowledge about you to be able to communicate your achievements.

My company is a Women Who Code Partner/Sponsor, can I still nominate myself/be nominated?

Yes, your company’s support of Women Who Code does not prevent you from being nominated. Our judges will be chosen for their impartiality, and your surname and company will be removed from any documentation provided to our judges to ensure each nominee is given fair and equal consideration. 

I am not a senior staff member, but I run a small team. Can I still be nominated?

Nominations are open to people at any level of their careers and in any position. There are no restrictions based on your current role or title, and we are open to managers, single contributors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and innovators of technology in every form. 

What if I have made a mistake on my nomination form (e.g. wrong category, incorrect email address, etc.)?

Please contact us as soon as possible at contact@womenwhocode.com. We are unable to correct errors once nominations close.