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Media Partnership

How do I submit my event information?

Please use our Event Submission Form to submit all pertinent details about the event.

How will my placements be scheduled?

You can email us at contact@womenwhocode.com to let us know when you would like your scheduled placements to begin in the CODE Review and on our website calendar.

How do featured Newsletter placements work?

Featured Event Placements are in bold, and contain a link to the event website or registration page.

How do links work in the Newsletter?

Standard Newsletter placements are not in bold, and do not contain a link. Upgraded partnership plans allow for a link in the Newsletter, pointed at the event site or registration page.

Can I just donate to WWCode?

Yes! Please follow this link to Donate (if you would like your donation to support a specific city, please remember to mention the city in the "Make your Gift in honor of someone" section).

How do free event postings work?

Free events that are submitted through our Event Submission Form are not guaranteed placement in any of our publications, and only get published on our Website Calendar for one month. Events where free tickets or significant discounts are offered may be eligible for upgraded placement.

  • 2 Newsletter listings per week (up to 4 weeks)


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  • Inclusion on Partner Events page
  • 1 Social Media Post




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  • Featured listing on Partner Events page
  • 2 Premium Newsletter Listings per week (up to 8 weeks)
  • 3 Social Media posts

Are you giving away complimentary tickets? Can you offer a great discount? Submit your event to see if you qualify for a free listing.


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  • 1 Newsletter listing per week (up to 4 weeks)
  • Inclusion on Partner Events page



Are there larger ways to expand my reach?
Yes!  Email promotions@womenwhocode.com to learn about larger media partnership opportunities.